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Everything You Wanted to Know About Profilers in Python

Learn what profilers are, when to use them and quick demo of few profilers for Python

Profilers are a powerful tool for debugging performance issues in applications and services. An experienced engineer who is running code in production has to know how to use these to be able to analyze performance issues in their systems. This video gives a quick introduction to the world of profilers in Python. Here is what it covers:

  • What are profilers

  • Kinds of profilers

  • Tracing profilers — how do they work, and how to use them in Python

  • Sampling profilers — how do they work and a demo of py-spy

  • How to use perf to profile Python

I made this video because tomorrow we are doing a live session on building a bare bones sampling profiler for Python and I think it is topical that I covered profilers before diving deep into their implementation.

If you are someone who is interested in systems programming and enjoy learning how tools like compilers, debuggers, profilers work then do sign-up for the session tomorrow, you can find the details in the below linked post.

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