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Hey there! I'm glad you've joined me at Confessions of a Code Addict (CCA). Your presence and engagement help fuel this journey, and I hope my posts have added significant value to your professional pursuits.

As much as I enjoy peeling back the layers of software engineering to bring its core insights to light, sustainability is key to continuing this work. Your support can make all the difference. So, here's the deal—I’m introducing paid subscriptions to help keep this engine running and to offer you even more value for your growth as a software engineer.

For Free Subscribers

If you're browsing and learning for free, nothing changes for you. The long-form articles that you've been reading will stay right where they are—free from any paywalls. Knowledge should be accessible, and I stand by that.

For Paid Subscribers

Choosing a monthly subscription opens up a new toolkit for your software journey:

  • Access to Live Monthly Sessions: Every month I do a live session on exciting topics, which may not be written about. It also gives you opportunity to ask me questions and drive the conversation. And You also get access to the recordings of the past sessions.

  • An All-Access Archive Pass: You get every article, open and exclusive to subscribers.

  • Join the Conversation: Dive into chat and discussion threads to ask questions, share ideas, and connect with the community—and me.

  • Exclusive Insights: Get a glimpse of my latest research and discoveries that may not make it into regular articles, but are too good not to share.

  • Personal Takes: Receive occasional opinion pieces where I tackle questions from readers with my own perspective.

  • Direct Mentorship & Consultancy: The opportunity to schedule one-on-one sessions with me for personalized guidance.

  • Shape the Content: Influence future topics by making suggestions and voting on what you want to learn about next.

A Note on Payment Amounts

The monthly subscription plan is currently priced at INR 550/-, which is roughly equivalent to USD 6.60 and the annual subscription is priced at INR 4999/- which is about USD 60.00. Substack might show you the pricing in INR but know that it is priced very modestly.

Problems with Stripe and Alternative Ways to Support

The Indian regulations about online payment are very different from the rest of the world, and due to the payment in INR, many times the subscription payments through Stripe fail.

As a result, I also offer a couple of alternatives for you to support me and to access paid subscription benefits.

GitHub Sponsorship

You can sponsor me via GitHub using the below link. You will get the sponsorship badge on GitHub and also paid access to this Substack.

Sponsor me on GitHub

Become a Member at Buymeacoffee

I also have a buymeacoffee page where you can buy me a coffee (or more), or become a member. I will upgrade you to a paid membership for the equivalent duration on this Substack.

Support me on Buymeacoffee

Subscribing Through Your Employer

Many tech companies and institutions encourage continued learning through professional development budgets. If applicable, you might be able to expense your subscription. I can provide a letter template to make the case to your company.