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Emulating Inheritance and Polymorphism in C

Using struct embedding and function pointers to emulate inheritance and polymorphism in C

This is the 3rd video on the series on the CPython Type System Internals series. In this video we discuss how can we emulate the behaviors of inheritance and polymorphism in C using a couple of simple tricks with structs.

This is important to understand before we start looking at the CPython type system implementation because it builds on top of these tricks.

Next Video

In the next video, we will explore the CPython source code, and we will start by understanding how it defines the type system interface which is used by the rest of the runtime.

Links to All the Videos of this Series

  1. Design of the CPython Type System

  2. Emulating Inheritance and Polymorphism in C (you are here)

  3. Decoding PyObject and PyTypeObject in CPython (next)

  4. Implementation of the Float Built-in Type in CPython

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